Hydraulic Pump with Gauge for Your Rosin Press

Not to add to any confusion but felt I'd post this up in case this may be information to help international customers source a hydraulic pump with compatible fittings.


First, Strongway lists their connection on the hose for the pump as a ZG 1/4" fitting. The threading is not 1/4" I can assure you that based on my measurements. The "male" portion of the coupler is 1/4", but the threading is not.




Now, this particular pairing of coupler and quick connect manufacturered by Enerpac, sold by Grainger look to be the exact fittings, TBD.




The Dake pump uses the same fitting as the strongway pump, so I will be giving Dake a call this morning to see if I can get the exact name of this fitting they have on the end of the hose.


So, the confusion lies in this. Is the coupler on the strongway actually a ZG 1/4" coupler like they reference or is this actually a NTPF 3/8" threaded coupler?


A couple of points. The hydraulic pump that pairs with our 10-ton cylinders should be rated at 10-tons, the hose is rated for 10,000 PSI W.P. The hose is a 1/4" I.D. The fittings can be removed and replaced using teflon tape on the threading, and a pair of crescent wrenches to tighten it.


On my strongway pump with the prototype coupler (different from what is now included with the press) I had to remove the coupler on my strongway pump and replace it with a new coupler to pair up to the cylinder.


The new coupler doesn't require any removal of fittings, just plug and play with the strongway pump.


Here is a picture of the fitting on the end of the strongway pump. You can see where the steel coupler attaches to the brass fitting on the hose with the teflon tape. This steel coupler can be unscrewed and removed and replaced.


So I've contacted both Dake and Northern Tool & Equipment (I guess they own strongway?) regarding this coupler on the end of the hydraulic pump.


Dake had informed me (they had to research this) that the coupler is a 1/4" NPT Male connection.


Strongway had informed me (they also had to research) that the coupler is a 1/4" NPT (ZG type, he thought?) So now I dont know what this ZG meaning is, perhaps it's just flat out wrong on Strongway's website and product description. In fact strongway experts answered the question regarding the product on their webstore, that the fitting is ZG 1/4".


Doesn't give us a whole lot of certainty in the actual threading.


It was recommended to me by Northern Tool & Equipment to find out the exact threading by bringing the pump to Grainger. I may in fact do that, but there we have it. From the manufacturers and support staff at those respective companies. 1/4" NPT Male seems to be accurate, but the question that still remains is the thread to pair with the female fitting that is on the hydraulic cylinder.