10-Ton Driptech Rosin Press Review Off Amazon

10-Ton Driptech Rosin Press Review Off Amazon

I was very skeptical at first when thinking about purchasing this press. There are not many reviews out there and the videos I looked up of people using this particular model were few and far between, to be honest most of the videos were a disservice to the product in my humble opinion as a few of the gentlemen didn't really seem to know how to use it correctly and seem to be making some pretty bunk product in a few of their videos.


While deciding, I contacted the company with a few questions I had, on a weekend evening no less and received a response within the hour. Customer service was stellar by the way, super friendly, and answered all my questions in a very timely manner. After a bit of back and forth with customer service I felt pretty confident in making the purchase.


I placed my order on Saturday evening and it arrived Monday afternoon. Once I received my press (and pump, not included) getting it set up was a breeze, very straight forward. The minute I took it out of the box the first thing I noticed was the craftsmanship and quality of the unit. It is really nicely made with top quality materials, smooth and streamlined with no rough edges or cheap components. It most certainly stacks up against the competition of the same type and price point and exceeds, to rival a few of the more expensive competitors units out there.


Use is easy and straightforward, plates heat up very quickly so no waiting and the unit functions as it should with no issues. My first press was amazing I used flower to start and was amazed at how well it went and the return, of course that was mostly due to the product going in as it was very frosty flower. I set the temp to 190 degrees and pressed at 1500 psi for 2 minutes. The end result came out amazing and have pressed several batches of flower since and right after that, all in a row with no issues. I have also pressed bubble a few times in this press and so far the returns are amazing (again, credit to product going in) with no issues. Bubble was pressed at 165 and 175 degrees at 1000 and 1500 psi slowly ramping up on pressure. Some pretty tasty stuff!


So far the only con I have found with the unit is the magnet placement with the magnets that are built into the machine. Since the frame of the unit is solid aluminum you can not just stick the magnets anywhere on the unit. it does have some magnets built into the frame the top magnets is perfect in the center but the bottom magnet is also in the center which is a tough spot since a lot of the oil streaming down tends to run right right for the spot were the magnet is located. Would have been better to have the whole bottom area magnetized so you can move the magnets as needed. Although for me this not really a con as I don't really use the magnets on the bottom I mostly just fold a crease in the parchment and let the oil roll down in the crease, as I have only used smaller amounts while testing things out this has not been an issue.


Over all I would say I was super impressed with the press and glad I made the purchase, I really couldn't be happier with it. As previously mentioned, it will easily go head to head with any other unit of this type and price point all day long and in a few ways the thought and design is better then other units of of the same style. If you are on the fence with making the purchase go for it. You wont be sorry. If you have any questions or need to know any specifics let me know by responding to this review I will do my best to answer any questions and help out in anyway.


Thank you DabPress for your help and support while I took my time making my decision on whether to buy the press or not, your customer service is what really swayed my confidence in making a purchase and I am glad I did.