Best Rosin Technique

Best Rosin Technique · 23. October 2018
I have some autoxtreme that's been in cure for about 3 or 4 months now, really smooth, just not super duper potent. The bigger pheno had way better buds.
Best Rosin Technique · 10. October 2018
Hydraulic Rosin Press vs Manual Rosin Press
Best Rosin Technique · 17. July 2018
1000ml Canna Storage Container
How to obtain high quality flower? So much of it all depends on the environment. Here in Colorado it's pretty normal to have a RH of about 20%. It gets hot as well, so those are all challenges to the process but I've found good luck with using darkness, humidifiers, and temperature control (as best I can) to allow things to go slowly and properly. For someone in Florida though, nearly none of my post chop advice would likely be appropriate as mold is nearly no problem for me. Now for me, I do...
Best Rosin Technique · 11. April 2018
Some questions I have fielded on the phone that I want to share, in case potential rosineers also have them. Keep in mind there's more than 1 way to do things, so I only offer methods that are working for me. As always, our blog has a lot of useful information for newbies and seasoned rosineers alike. It is a good page to bookmark for those learning! Q: How do I know if I am using enough pressure without a gauge? A: As you are applying pressure, you will feel the melting of the rosin up to a...