Driptech Rosin Press Review

Driptech Rosin Press Review · 02. December 2018
3 Ton Starter Rosin Press
3 Ton Driptech Starter Rosin Press Products Review By Rosineer from Colorado U.S.A - Squished a sativa called lohigh. when i did 190 for 3 mins i got some nice golden budder, then i went up to 220 to do a 2nd squish and got more of a shatter. got me a 12 dollar g of rosin with those sqishes :). I like that strain for sure! Next up will prolly be some berkel.
Driptech Rosin Press Review · 01. November 2018
This was a test press at high temp and pressure with some very old (2 years) dry seeded critical kush bud. Not meant as a showy press, but to trial the driptech with a PTFE envelope. More info on the uk420 site but here's a quick vid as I know some wanted to see the drip. I will be doing a couple of better presses with some decent bud and some fresh frozen bubble hash in due course. Didn't want to waste it on a stress test run. Happy to confirm the press handled high temps and held very high...