Hydraulic Rosin Press Canada

How to look for the best quality hydraulic rosin press in Canada? Increasingly more ACMPR producers are picking hydraulic rosin presses over some other sorts. It's mainly because they’re easy to handle, convenient, and low noise, but above all, they’re high-efficiency. So next, let me recommend hydraulic rosin presses from Dabpress to you.


You are able to buy Dabpress' rosin press from Dabpress Online Store or buy it from Dabpress Amazon Store Canada. 


What's the dabpress.com well for less than $500 we sent high-quality hydraulic rosin press to your door. The Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine by Dabpress comes in four sizes, 4-ton, 6-ton, 10-ton,12-ton. Different size can be suit for different kind of people.


Today I recommend our the favored product 6-ton model dp-bj6t35, which already got a lot of compliments and reviews from Amazon store.

  • It is 3x5" heated platens and replaceable bottle jack included. Right out of box, durable frame made of H-shaped steel paired with a 6-ton bottle jack.
  • The plates heat up quickly and evenly, and their rectangular shape is great for retaining flavours / terpenes. 
  • The kickstands in the back that allow you to add more pressure! 
  • For the PID controller, you can set the temperature individually for both heat plates and change the unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius. It makes no sound like other Rosin Press PID controllers made beep sounds.
  • It is small enough to be unobtrusive but works well so you don’t waste your material. 

If you want to get the most portable rosin press for your buck, I would recommend this product. It's the best Price-performance ratio. You will no regret spending the money after seeing how well its built.

Hydraulic Rosin Press Canada
Hydraulic Rosin Press Canada






The kickstands in the back can add more pressure! 

Thanks for your reading. If you have any questions, you can feel free to write to us at support@dabpress.com