Rosin Press Trim

For people who are not familiar with the marijuana plants, it needs a trimming process when cannabis is harvested. For smaller or at-home growers, the cannabis plants are usually trimmed by hand, the excess products, typically leaves and excess shake, that are trim.


In the past, cannabis trim is usually wasted. With the growth of the industry and further cannabis research, cannabis trim is now widely used, such as make cannabis butter, cannabis tea, cannabis juice, cannabis concentrates etc.


Today we mainly talk about make rosin with trim, which is a form of cannabis concentrates. 


As we all know, to make rosin, you can use your dry flowers, bubble hash, or kief. Actually dry cannabis trim also can make rosin. Although cannabis trim is nowhere near as potent as a bud, it still contains cannabinoids.  


Regardless of your starting material, the process is the same. You need a high-quality rosin press, then use heat, pressure, and micron filter bags to extract rosin. I think you also need a pre-press mold to make the trim to solid puck before press. It will help you to increase the rosin yields.


Our Dabpress offers two types of rosin pre-press mold:

  1.  Puck Maker in Rectangle: 2x4" Pre Press Mold 
  • Create 7 - 14g slim pucks with included non-stick PETP plates.
  • 2x4" pre-press puck maker pairs with 2x4" or 2x4.5" filter bags
  • The mold is anodized into a silver color for getting a smooth surface.
  • The mold well suited to create pucks of hash and flower

      2. Puck Maker in Cylinder: 30 mm SS Hammer Styled Pollen Press

  • Cylinder pre-press mold well suited to compress flower, and hash, etc.
  • 0.15 mm Gap-Small gap cylinder prepress mold also works great with kief, hash, and flower
  • After loading material and insert the hammer nail, and strike it with a rubber mallet
  • Easy to insert pucks into filter bags with PVC sheet attached.
  • Double squashes by cutting 2x4.5" rosin bags into half for flower if pairing it with cylinder mold.

You can look below video to know more detailed process.

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