Question and Answer When You Start to Press Rosin

Some questions I have fielded on the phone that I want to share, in case potential rosineers also have them. Keep in mind there's more than 1 way to do things, so I only offer methods that are working for me. 


As always, our blog has a lot of useful information for newbies and seasoned rosineers alike. It is a good page to bookmark for those learning!


Q: How do I know if I am using enough pressure without a gauge?

A: As you are applying pressure, you will feel the melting of the rosin up to a point in the handle of your hydraulic jack/pump. As you apply pressure slowly with the handle, you can feel the oil release which will reduce the pressure within the puck. Once the pressure begins to tighten, you are likely at the top end of your pressure. You can always add more pressure if you feel necessary but check your rosin flow for darker coloration.


Q: What material are the plates made of?

A: 6061 Aluminum that have been anodized.


Q: What if I want to use my dp-bj6t35 with a 12-ton bottle jack?

A: The plates must be removed from the unit and installed on a 12-ton H-frame shop press, the frame is only rated up to 8-tons force.


Q: What temperature and how long should I press for?

A: It all depends on what you want. Low temperatures for better flavor, High temperatures for better yields. There is no hard and fast rule on this, experiment with both variables and find out what you prefer. Most rosineers have been asking about flower pressing temperatures and times, so I have recommended to keep your flower pressing range between 180-220F, and times of 90 seconds to 2-3 minutes for 7g or less.


Q: How much can I press at once?

A: It depends on how much pressure you have on tap (primarily), followed by the surface area of your platens. I try and recommend to have 1-ton available for every 1 sq/in of puck surface area. This insures you always have enough pressure to extract your oil without the need for a repress. I would recommend for a 3 ton unit to only press 7g or less, a 6-ton unit 14g or less, a 10-ton unit 21g or less, a 20-ton unit 42g or less.


Q: What are the advantages to using a rosin extraction filter?

A: It can help clean up your rosin to exclude micro plant matter from flower pressing. It also provides a predictable puck size for easy pressure predicting when using a gauge. It is necessary for pressing out loose material like kief, sift and hash. It is necessary when re-pressing your rosin for THC-a isolation (25u filters/ss mesh required)


Q: How small an amount of flower can I press at once?

A: A small 0.25g bud can be pressed out easily and quickly.

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