3x5" Rosin Press Plates - Build A Hydraulic Rosin Press with 3x5" Rosin Plates Kit Under $400

dp-rp35 3x5" Rosin Plates Kit


3x5" Uncaged Press Plates - Build Your Own 10-12 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press

  • Model No.: dp-rp35
  • 3x5" Rosin Press Plates - Suited to Squeeze 3.5-28g Pucks of Cannabis 
  • 500 Watts with Dual Heating Rods - Quick Heating up in 8-10 Minutes
  • Anodized Working Surface Guarantee to Clean up Very Easily
  • Food Grade Aluminum Made  
  • Durable PID Temp Controller 
  • Accurate Temp Detected - Seperated Temp Sensors and Heating Rods 
  • Paired with 10-20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press 
  • Recommend A Hydraulic Press of Harbor Freight for Money Saving


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3x5" Rosin Plates Kit


  • 5 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

3x5" Rosin Plates Kit Features and Tips:


  • 3x5 Heated Plates - Popular Size Working Surface in the Market, Well Suited to Squish 3.5-28g Materials. To be Paired with 6 - 20 Ton Hydraulic Press for Building up A Rosin Extractor for Personal Use or Commerical Use.
  • Anodized Aluminum Heat Plates - Food Grade Working Surface Is A Must to Get Pure Rosin Oil, and Easy to Clean up After Use.
  • Accurate Temperature Detected - Accurate Temp Prevent to Burd Your Rosin and Maximize Your Yield. Independent Heating Rods and Temp Sensors Guarantee It. 
  • Long Working Life Guaranteed - More Than 6,000 Times Service of Heating Rods



  • Recommended Rosin Filter Bag 160-Micron Bags dp-bt160ns [Paired with dp-pm3015r Cylinder Pre Press Mold ]
  • Recommended Puck Maker dp-pm3015r [Round Pucks] to Maximize the Yield and Prevent  the Bags Blowout.
  • Rosin Bag Holder dp-mj35 Does Not Suited to dp-rp35

Dabpress dp-rp35 Anodized Press- Build your own high yield hydraulic rosin press

How To Fold the Rosin Filter Bags