3x3" Rosin Plates - Best Cheap DIY Rosin Press Plates

dp-rp33 3x3" Rosin Press Plates Kits - Build Your Own Homemade Rosin Press

3x3" Rosin Press Pates Kit - Build Your Own 6-Ton Homade Rosin Press

Model No.: dp-rp33

  • 3x3" Anodized Heated Plates for Pressing Rosin
  • 300 Watts - Heating up in 8-10 Minutes
  • Paired with 6 -10 Ton Hydraulic Press 
  • 90-160 Micron Rosin Bags Recommended for Rosin Flower Extraction
  • 25-75 Micron Rosin Filter Bags Recommended to Squeeze Bubble Hash | Dry Sift | Sugar Trim
  • Paired with Bottle Tech Cylinder Pre Press Mold to Maximize Yield
  • Accurate Temp Detected with our Durable PID Controller


  • Recommend to squeeze the vertical pucks built to prevent the filters from blowing out and increase the pressure ( PSI ) at the end pucks to maximize the yield.
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3x3" Rosin Press Plates Kit Features and Tips:


  • 3x3" Sized Heat Plates - Well Paired with 6 -10 Ton Hydraulic Press to Build Your Own Rosin Press; Well Suited to Squish 3.5-28g Flower Rosin, Trim, and Bubble Hash.
  • Anodized Heat Platen - Anodized Contact Surface Guarantee to Obtain Food-grade Dab Oil and Easy to Clean.
  • Accurate Temp Detected - Large Dual PID Temp Controllers Box; Accurate Temp Delivered Utilizing Separated Temp Sensors and Heating Rods.  
  • Long Working Lifetime Guaranteed - The Heating Rods Have A Service Life More Than 6,000 Times



  • Bottle Tech Rosin Mold - Recommend Cylinder Pre Press Mold and 160 Micron Rosin Bags
  • Setup by Yourself - dp-rp33 Rosin Plate Kit Needs to Be Connected to a Hydraulic Device by Yourself.
  • Well Packaging - Well-packaged, Without Any Marks on Thickened Plain Carton.

Dabpress dp-rp33 3x3" Anodized Rosin Plate Kit - Setup and Post Squish Review

How to Fold the Rosin Filter Bags