Universal Pre Press Mold for Buds of Flower

dp-pm01universal Rosin Pre Press Mold - All-in-One Rosin Press Mold


Create Double Rectangle Cannabis Puck at A Time



Model No.: dp-pm01universal

  • Universal Rosin PrePress Mold
  • Dabpress dp-pm01universal | Rosin Puck Maker Made of Food Grade Aluminum 
  • Create 2x3" and 3x3" Rectangle Puck at A Time | Well Suited to 2-Inch and 3-Inch Width Rosin Bags 
  • 1 x Universal Prepress Mold
  • 1 x PVC Sheet
  • Item No.: dp-pm01universal
  • Anodized Aluminum Made 
  • Get 2 Rectangle Pucks at A Time 




  • Products Material - Made of Food Grade 6061 Aluminum.
  • Rosin Bags Paired with - 2x3" Puck Paired with 2x4" Rosin Filters,3x3" Paired with 3x4" or 3x5" Rosin Filters, Insert Two of 2x3" and 3x3" into 3x6" Rosin Filters. So Dabpress' Universal Rosin Mold Paired with Most of the Size of Rosin Bags.
  • PVC Sheet Attached - Easy to Put Pucks into Rosin Bags with PVC Sheet Attached in the Package.
  • Design - All-in-One Flower Puck Squeezer Getting 1.8" Diameter Flower Puck and 2x3" Rectangle Flower Puck at A Time.


  • Get the Consistent Thickness of the Pucks to Be Paired with the Certain Rosin Press Bags.
  • Recommend to Prepress with An Arbor Press or Hydraulic Press.
  • Work Great with Buds of Flower.
  • Do Not Press the Mold Directly With Rosin Heat Press to Prevent to Scratch the Working Surface.
  • Highly Recommend to Watch Videos about "How To Use Rosin Filter Bag and Pre-Press Mold Effectively" From Our Official Website.