10 Ton Driptech Rosin Press - Paired with Strongway Hand Pump with Gauge

dp-hr10t35v 10 Ton Driptech Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press

10-Ton Rosin Press - The Best Durable Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press


Model No.: hp-hr10t35v

  • 3x5" Anodized Working Surface 
  • 10 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Integrated 
  • 3.5-28g Buds or Bubble Hash etc Was Recommended
  • Power Frame 
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain
  • Best Driptech Rosin Press for Terpenes Preservation


  • Recommend to squeeze the vertical pucks built to prevent the filters from blowing out and increase the pressure ( PSI ) at the end pucks to maximize the yield.
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Best Driptech 10 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press


  • Perfect Alignment of Top and Bottom Heated Platen - 4 Piece Linear Bearings Guaranteed Great Line-up; The Unit Made of 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Pillars,10-Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Ram, and Durable PID Temp Controller Box.
  • Well Paired to Strongway Hand Pump with Guage - The Machine Offer 1/4" ZG Fittings ( A pair of Coupler Attached ).
  • Drip Technology Integrated - Driptech System Allows Rosin to Fall Immediately to Parchment Paper to Prevent Overheat for terpene preservation.
  • Best Insulation Performance - Heating up Quickly to Setting Temperature in Minutes; Avoiding Overheating in Hydraulic Cylinder Ram and Parts.
  • 3x5" Portable Impact Rosin Heat Press - Easy to Move, and Perfect for Industrial or Personal Use in A Small Apartment, However, 3x5" Sized Plates Well Suited to 3.5g - 28g Batches.
  • Accurate Temp Dellivered -  Independent Heating Rods & Sensors Guarantee the Temperature is Accurately Detected & Delivered.


  • No Hydraulic Pump Included
  • We Highly Recommended Porta Power Pump to Be Paired with the Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press to Order from Amazon.com only with $79 - [ Only $578 to Buy A 10 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press with Pressure Gauge]
  • 3x5" Heated Plates and 10 Ton Pressure of Force for your Buds or Bubble Hash, Kief and Dry Sift.

Pump Recommended:

To North America  -  Hydraulic Pump with Gauge and Hose - 10-Ton Capacity

To Europe  - 10 TON Hydraulic Hand Pump Hose & Gauge Porta Power 

To Australia  - Manual Hydraulic Pump Aluminum Alloy with gauge

Notice Please

  • 10-Ton Strongway Pump with Gauge Is Available at the End of This Month
  • Dabpress Is About to Offer Pressure Gauge Kit Soon 
  • Parts Needed To Build Your Qwn 10-Ton Hydraulic Hand Pump With Gauge - Learn More 

Dabpress hr10t35v Driptech Rosin Press Overview