6 Ton Rosin Press - 3x5" Heated Plates Hydraulic Jack Rosin Heat Machine

6-Ton Hydraulic Jack Rosin Press - Best DIY Rosin Press

  • 3x5" Anodized Heated Plates for Rosin Extraction
  • 6 Ton Bottle Jack Integrated
  • 90-160 Micron Rosin Bags Recommended for Rosin Flower Extraction
  • 25-75 Micron Rosin Filter Bags Recommended to Squeeze Bubble Hash | Dry Sift | Sugar Trim
  • Paired with Bottle Tech Cylinder Pre Press Mold to Maximize Yield


6-Ton Hydraulic Jack Rosin Press


  • 18.5 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

All in One Hydraulic Rosin Press Features and Tips:


  • Long Working Life Guaranteed - Strong Frame Made of H-Shaped Steel Paired With 6 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack (Upgradable to 8 Tons), Heavy-Duty Spring Installed Into the Steel Frame Away From Working Area; Easy to Replace Hydraulic Bottle Jack; Heating Rods is up to 6,000 Working Lifetime.
  • Accurate Temp Detected - Anodized Food-grade Working Surface Ensures the Best Flavor and Easy Cleanup; Independent Heating Rods & Sensors Guarantee an Accurate Temperature is Delivered & Detected.
  • 3x5" Alignment Heated Platens - Top and Bottom Platen Remain in Perfect Alignment Through Pressing. 3x5" Plate Size is Well Suited to Most Extraction Filters and Pre-Press Molds.
  • Replaceable Bottle Jack - Heavy Duty Compact Frame Rated up to 8 Tons Working Force.
  • Ideal Pressure for 1-10g Material - Integrated 6-ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack to Deliver Above 1,000 PSI if Pressing With 13 Square Inch Rosin Extraction Filters. 2x3", 2x4",2.5x4.5" are the Suggested Size Filters for Use..
  • Great Heat Insulation Performance - Dual Insulation Layers Allows the Rosin Press Plates to Achieve 200 F in 8-10 Minutes and Protect the Machine from Heat-draining.
  • Portable Impact Rosin Press - Small Form-factor Ideal for Rosineer Needing Space Saving and Quick Storage.
  • Easy to Rebuild into New Rosin Press - Procure A New Rosin Heat Press Machine via Removing Heated Plates and PID Controller Box from This Unit, then Paired with 10-20 Ton Hydraulic Press.



  • Do Not Replace Hydraulic Bottle Jack with More Than 6 Ton
  • Choose A Bottle Jack with Similar Height and Size/Diameter
  • The height of Replacement Bottle Jack Less Than 9"
  • Point Head of Bottle Jack to the Circle of Bottom Platen 
  • You Needn't Lock Bottle Jack on the Bottom Frame

10g Nug Run (Larf) - AutoUltimate - Pre-Press w/Filter - 4m @ 220F - Dabpress DP-BJ6T35