2x4" | Rosin Press Rosin Bags | 90 Micron for Flower Rosin

affordable 90 Micron Rosin Press Filter Bags 25 Pack Rosin Screen Bag


90-Micron Rosin Extraction Bags Works Great to Flower Rosin


Model No.: dp-bt90n24

  • 100% Food Grade Nylon Made 
  • Heat-Resistant Up to 300 F
  • Zero Blowout Guaranteed
  • Recommend to Squeeze Puck of Flower


2X4" 120 Micron Bags Features and Tips:


  • 2x4" 90 Micron to Get High-quality Rosin, But Less Yield.
  • Paired with 2x4" Rosin Filter Bags, Paired with Dabpress' Universal Rosin Mold or 2X4" Rosin Mold.
  • Personal Use to Be Paired with 3x3" or 3x5" Heated Plates and Solventless Extraction at Home.
  • Food Grade Nylon Made
  • Zero Blowout Guaranteed


  • We recommend Bottle Tech Cylinder Rosin Mold to Combine Together in Use.
  • PVC Sheet Attached for Insert Pucks into Rosin Bags Easily.