dp-pm40r Stainless Steel Puck Maker - 7-14g Materials Loaded

dp-pm40r Stainless Steel PrePress Mold, 7-14g buds of flower loaded


The Bottle Tech Styled Cylinder Pre Press Mold 


Model No.: dp-pm40r 

  • Prevent the Rosin Bags from Blowing out
  • Increase the Pressure at the End Pucks
  • 304 Stainless Steel Made 
  • Inner Diameter: 1.57 inch (40mm )


  • Recommend to squeeze the vertical pucks built to prevent the filters from blowing out and increase the pressure ( PSI ) at the end pucks to maximize the yield.
  • Paired with 2.5x4.5" Rosin Bags dp-bt1602524
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dp-pm40r Puck Maker Features & Tips:


  • Squeeze the Vertical Rosin Filter to Increase the Yield
  • Made of Food Grade 304 Type Stainless Steel 
  • Three Pieces Design 
  • Recommend to Work Together with Irwin Clamp
  • Work Great with 7-14g Materials of Flower


  • Paired with 2.5 x 4.5" Rosin Filter Bags
  • Do Not Pre Press with Rosin Press. It will Scratch the Working Surface If You Do So.
  • Paired with dp-hr10t35v & dp-hr1035, and dp-bj6t35