Universal Puck Maker for Rosin Oil Extraction

Rosin Puck Maker - Get Cylinder Puck and Rectangle Puck at A Time


Weed Puck Maker - Create 1-Piece Bottle Tech Styled Pucks & 1-Piece Rectangle Pollen Press  


Model No.: dp-pm02universal

  • All-in-One Rosin Puck Maker Make Cylinder Puck and 2x3" Pucks at A Time
  • Cylinder Puck Well Paired with 3" Width Rosin Filter Bags
  • Rectangle Puck Well Paired with 2x4" and 3x3",3x7" Rosin Extraction Bags
  • Made of Food Grade Aluminum
  • Non-Stuck Rosin Mold 
  • Squeeze Cannabis Puck to Be Paired An Arbor Press Is Recommended
  • PVC Sheet Attached in the Package for Insert Pucks Easily


Universal Puck Maker Features and Tips:


  • Products Material - Made of Food Grade 6061 Aluminum.
  • Rosin Bags Paired with - Paired with 3" Width Rosin Bags with Cylinder Pucks; 2x3" Rectangle Flower Pucks to Be Paired with 2x4", 3x3" Rosin Bags.
  • PVC Sheet Attached - Easy to Put Pucks into Rosin Bags with PVC Sheet Attached in the Package.
  • Design - Get One Cylinder Pucks ( Paired with 2.5x4.5" Rosin Filter ) and One Rectangle Puck ( 2x3" Puck Well Paired with 2" Width or 3 Width Rosin Filter Bag ) at A Time.


  • Create the Individual Puck After Removing the Top Plate of Pre Press Mold.
  • If only Want the Cylinder or Rectangle Puck, Simply Remove the Top Plate of the Mold.
  • The Thickness of the Pucks Depends on How Many Grams You Press. To Be Paired the Certain Size of Rosin Bags, Please Adjust the Thickness of the Pucks While Squeezing.
  • Work Great with Buds of Flower.
  • We Always Recommend to Squeeze the Vertical Cylinder Puck Build to Increase the Yield.
  • Do Not Press the Mold Directly With Rosin Heat Press to Prevent to Scratch the Working Surface.