27. May 2019
2x4 Pollen Press
Innovative Rosin Press · 21. January 2019
I was very skeptical at first when thinking about purchasing this press. There are not many reviews out there and the videos I looked up of people using this particular model were few and far between, to be honest most of the videos were a disservice to the product in my humble opinion as a few of the gentlemen didn't really seem to know how to use it correctly and seem to be making some pretty bunk product in a few of their videos. While deciding, I contacted the company with a few questions I...
I recently purchased the 3x5" Driptech Hydraulic Rosin Press, I paired it with the 10 Ton Strongway Pump w/Gauge as suggested. What a great product, well put together, well thought out, I'm very impressed.
PSI Calculations Assuming the Cylinder Effective Area of Driptech Rosin Press dp-hr10t35v - Alright, here's my "somewhere in the ballpark" PSI calculations assuming the Cylinder Effective Area is somewhere in the 14.5 cm/2 neighborhood. I've looked at a few cylinders that are all just a bit taller than what's used with the dabpress hr10t35v.
Driptech Rosin Press Review · 02. December 2018
3 Ton Starter Rosin Press
3 Ton Driptech Starter Rosin Press Products Review By Rosineer from Colorado U.S.A - Squished a sativa called lohigh. when i did 190 for 3 mins i got some nice golden budder, then i went up to 220 to do a 2nd squish and got more of a shatter. got me a 12 dollar g of rosin with those sqishes :). I like that strain for sure! Next up will prolly be some berkel.
I've done a test run with a filter but no parchment and I can say that it does indeed work, and the rosin that was left on the plates was not a horrible waste, but waste none the less. Now that I'm confident in the method I'll do a video to show it, and with more material.
Dabpress 10 Ton Drip Tech Rosin Press YouTube Review by US Rosineer - I did a lil squish for yall with 10g in 160u filter using 40mm pre-press mold, no parchment using drip tech on hr10t35v with the strongway pump.
As many of you know our Black Friday / Cyber Monday/Christmas sale is for 10% off orders of $399 or more, so this would include all of our AIO units (bj3t33, bj3t33 pro, bj6t35, hr10t35v). Our plate kits and caged kits likely won't come in under the $399 mark without adding on a few accessories and tools.
I cut the PTFE paper too small so goo got on the plates. Not too much but enough, It was hard to photo the rosin on the plates as the camera flash kept bleaching it out. I used an alcohol wipe to clean it all off. I used too much pressure, too quickly and blew the filter bag out. The rosin was very brittle, when collecting I could see small bits pinging off all over the place. I think I got most of it but some specks got away.
Rosin Press Mold  · 02. November 2018
Dabpress is about to offer universal rosin pre press mold integrate with 2x3" and 2x4" molds into a universal mold. You will get two rosin pucks at a time, one is 2x3" paired with 2x4" rosin filter bags; other is 3x3" paired with 3x5" rosin extraction bags.

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