Strongway Pump and Hydrualic Rosin Press

Hoping this information may be helpful to rosineers looking to modify/convert their fitment to suit individual components, specifically for hr10t35 owners. This may also apply to customers looking to get the ht10t35v internationally as the ZG fitting is what is being supplied with that unit.


All of the pumps and cylinders can have couplers removed and replaced, or converted with the proper piece. Some can be easily converted with a hydraulic hose with appropriate fittings.


In the USA Grainger is a large supplier of these type of couplers. We're doing our best to make sure all rosineers purchasing a cylinder AIO rosin press get the appropriate coupler. The offer of $17 USD to ship a coupler is not a bad deal as the coupler on Grainger appears to be more in the $20 range + shipping (if none sourced locally).


Before purchasing an AIO rosin press that requires parts sold seperately, it is highly advised to search your country and province to source the correct pump with coupler or be prepared to spend money importing these products from the USA where they are readily available. We apologize for the added cost to your unit, this was actually the reason we moved away from the 3/8" NPT fitting as all of the manufacturers of these hydraulic systems are generally less affordable. The 3/8" NPT also appears to be the more standard fitting internationally.


The options available out there (these may be import only depending on your location) -


Hydraulic hoses with fittings only (no pump)


fitting converters

pumps (no hose, gauges or fittings)

complete pumps

inline gauges

in line gauge adapters



You can even completely change your coupler if you want something thats most easily sourced locally. Teflon tape must be used on all threading in your hydraulic system to prevent leaking.


Retrofit items such as couplers, hoses, gauges, everything in fact, MUST be rated to a minimum of 10,000 PSI ! Failure to do this may result in perrsonal injury or damage to your rosin press!


This equipment is using consumer grade technology with commercial. That being said, you won't find replacement parts outside of except at a commercial hardware store such as Grainger in the USA. Rosin heaters, solid state relays, PID modules on the other hand can be found on ebay or dhgate for many in their local country.


It's a hybrid of technology thus a potential challenge for some.


I guess supplying all these different links for products that I am only easily able to find in the USA is not very helpful as the whole strongway pump unit is bundled at $80 USD + VAT/shipping/tax internationally.


Another alternative is if you have a friend who lives in the USA, they may be able to export it to you, or there is also the option, if you do a lot of purchasing of products in the USA, to hire a third party exporter to receive your package domestically to a USA address, they will in turn export it to your specified address.


Trying to help brainstorm with solutions for people who want to try and make a retrofit immediately.


Find a hydraulic parts supplier in your area, if you don't know of any, try asking automotive shops or fabrication shops. It may require some sleuth!  :sherlock:


Finally, I agree that a bottle jack unit either bj3t33 or bj6t35 are the ideal models for rosineers who don't need a pressure gauge and want a rosin press that will have more easily sourced hydraulics for service or replacement, something we don't anticipate you'll need but down the road if you want to replace your bottle jack for whatever reason, it should be a simple R&R procedure.