Is the Rosin Press Worth the Money?

Do you do more deep research before buying a rosin press?

First of all, You already know what type of material do you want to press and how many materials do you press at a time. Now let's start to find a proper rosin press.


Quality of rosin press:


With a lot of options out in the market, How to pick proper rosin press among manual rosin press, hydraulic rosin press, hybrid rosin press, pneumatic rosin press?


Buying principle - The simpler the rosin press, the better.

  • Easy to operate and repair by yourself after the warranty period, I heard a lot of complains they have to spend a lot in process of aftersale, finally they have to discard to the warehouse. 
  • Simple rosin press usually have no more issues in operation, complex design means difficult to maintain. You have to spend a lot of money and time warranty expired.

What components is easy to cause an issue to rosin press?


As usual, Heat Controlling System is easy to run wrongly, and heated plates and heating rods seldom caused issues.

Firstly, before picking the rosin press, you should think of quality of PID controller including temp sensors, relay and the circuit.

Secondly, Power frame is a must to gurantee long life working, because press will be dead once the frame is broken.



Warranty and service is also very important. 


Please do more research before buying, you will get a great rosin press! 

6 Ton Hydraulic Jack Rosin Press