Best Starter Rosin Press | Dabpress dp-bj3t33 - 3 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack Rosin Press

" I'm new to pressing rosin, How can i get high yield?"

Dual heating by single PID controlled, only top platen temp detected.


Most AIO rosin press and plates include two controllers so that each plate’s temp can be independently adjusted, but this starter rosin press only integrate single PID controller, dual heating but only top platen temp detected. 


Inside of pid temp box, only one PID controller, one temp sensor, and one relay, single PID control two heating rods.


Usually, both of heating rods should deliver the same temp to top and botton plates. But, since a little different watts on dual heaters. So it detect 2-3 difference output.


Actually, It doesn't affect result in pressing.


If you are new to pressing, I highly recommend reading/scanning through this entire thread on, because there’s a lot of knowledge and wisdom based on experience here. Some say, “I’m too busy to read!” but in this case it’s an investment that will surely pay off when your new baby finally arrives. You’ll have more success and less questions because most all the FC rosin pioneers hang out and share their experience here. 


Congratulations and good luck!

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