Dabpress Small Rosin Press dp-bj3t33 is the Best Cheap Rosin Press As Starter Rosin Press

Dabpress dp-bj3t33 is the best cheap rosin press as starter rosin press


Free cylinder pre-press mold and filters to get new rosineers up and running. At $399 this is hardly an investment, this is cheaper than an ounce of top shelf meds in some areas! A rosin press will pay for itself in short order! Why pay someone else to produce your meds when you can do it yourself in minutes?


Just a little bit of a comparison to BHO -


Blasting BHO can be dangerous, in many areas even illegal without a license. It was just the other day in the news I had read about a house fire in Pueblo that was caused by BHO production. Rosin does not have this danger as you are working strictly with low heat and pressure on a unit that is self contained and unable to reach dangerous temperatures even with extended use.


In order to produce BHO you need a fair bit of equipment. Even for just minimal tech extractions, you need a heated vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, blasting tubes, blasting dishes, butane. The cost of all that equipment easily tops $399 and has a distinct disadvantage of not being able to preserve the terpenes without investment in a much larger and expensive closed loop extractor.


The amount of time needed to produce BHO vs rosin for most personal consumers is quite long, 2-3 days in purge versus usable immediately.


Additionally, no residual solvents as nothing is used except heat and pressure. As I was speaking with a kind woman on the phone yesterday, she raised the point of knowing your meds are clean, and having the ability to control the medicine from start to finish is the best part. I couldn't agree more. She had settled on the bj6t35 as previous presses she has owned like the t-shirt style press weren't giving her an even squish on her buds due to how the plates lowered, leaving a portion of the puck thicker on the front than the back.


It's harvest time around the northern hemisphere, enjoy your pressing =)