Build Rosin Press - DIY 20 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine

DIY 20 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine in Minutes

3x3 Rosin plate kit to build a hydraulic rosin press

It is better choice to Set up A Hydraulic Rosin Press.

Pneumatic rosin heat press costs about $500, and it need paired with an air compressor and you have to pay addtional budget.


Electric hydraulic rosin press costs above $1000, however you have to spend a lot money and time on maintainment after warranty.

Manual rosin press is easy to use, costs you less but delivers low pressure, Usual manual rosin heat press only deliver less than 0.5 Ton pressure of force. Only suited to press 1-5g material.       


All-in-one hydraulic rosin press, It is better choice, most of them deliver enough pressure in process of extraction.


However, If you enough space to plave a hydraulic press, building your own make sense, It maximize rosin yield and obtain the best flaver.


After tens of times' pressing, you'll realize that you have saved money at the end.


Benefits From Hydraulic Rosin Press When Pressing Flower Rosin


Here is what people said after pressing flower rosin using the hydraulic rosin press:


"Saves a lot of money. That's the reason I got into squishing rosin, to begin with. Doing bubble hash and sift is fun but it takes time and is a lot of work. Squishing buds into rosin is quick and very effective. Not to mention, no solvents. This is a big part of why we love rosin so much.

My squish with medical cannabis cost $13/gr for rosin when buying ounces of flower at a time at $90. To buy rosin from the caregiver, it is $35/gr on the cheap end. Nearly 1/3 the price to squish your own medicine with a DIY rosin press. I would assume you could easily pay for the unit over the course of 16 grams of squished flowers vs buying rosin outright.

I am preheating for about 30 mins, I think it helps to ensure the plates are fully saturated. Also, it seems the PID is more accurate than I thought, it reads nearly spot on, maybe 2-3 F off in either direction depending on where you check the temperature on the plates."  


How to build a hydraulic rosin press under $250?


You have a very professional rosin heat press with $276.99, it's worth every penny!