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Rosin Press Package UK
Rosin Press Package
Power Frame of Rosin Press UK
Power Frame of Rosin Press
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High Quality Hydraulic Cyliner

Rosin Press Package

Its here!! First impressions are absolutely exceptional. Packing was superb

Build quality of this thing is mind blowingly good, alignment could not be better, attention to detail second to none from the hidden magnets in the frame to the perfectly machined bamboo insulator, cable spring flex, its all perfect. How they are costing this for $499 I just don't know. Even the allen keys they supply are decent ball end style! Came with a big silicone mat, pre press and bags.

Ram is easily removable so a replacement should be simple if/whenever required.

I have a decent pump with gauge already so will have this up and running tonight, a test press with some flower driptech style will be in order. Video will follow if I can get some decent footage. I've decided to make a little PTFE envelope for the plates rather than press flower directly with them as I don't fancy the clean up. Also have some lovely live bubble hash that is drying a bit first, so that'll be done next week. Fired it up and the temp on the PID was 2 degrees from the thermometer so that's also a huge step up. PID components are excellent and no XLR plugs in sight! Happy with that as I hate those things. Opening it up the gauge of wire would be too heavy for plugs anyway which is always a good sign. 




Overall I am blown away by it - proof will be in the pudding but so far so good. Duty fees came in at £26 so could be a lot worse!