Dabpress 10 Ton Driptech Rosin Press Review Off Fuckcombustion.com

This was a test press at high temp and pressure with some very old (2 years) dry seeded critical kush bud. Not meant as a showy press, but to trial the driptech with a PTFE envelope. 


More info on the uk420 site but here's a quick vid as I know some wanted to see the drip. I will be doing a couple of better presses with some decent bud and some fresh frozen bubble hash in due course. Didn't want to waste it on a stress test run. Happy to confirm the press handled high temps and held very high pressure no problem. Even able to blow out the PTFE envelope with the force when I pushed it to excess, so no issues with the 10 ton!!


I made up about 7g of it in my pre press and pressed with about half of my body weight, so not too tight. Cranked it shut with no bag at 220F. Wouldn't normally press at this temperature but thought this stuff would need coaxing. As soon as I felt it was moving along I nipped it up - not even registering on the gauge and laid it over a silicon sheet. Progressed until it started to drip at about maybe 800PSI. This happened very suddenly and didn't catch the start. Then upped to about 1200, held for 50 sec or so, then 1700, 2000, 2500, 4000. This is where flow pretty much slowed to a stop. Then I took away the rosin and cranked it right up as a tester. It blew out of the front and the force had also blown the teflon sheet out of the back! 


For crappy old dry bud the yield was very impressive indeed, although I didn't weigh anything as it was just a test. A proper video will have to wait a while as I need to clear out all my existing press and kit.


Video is very, very boring - you don't get the same waterfall to watch! I might do the next one from below on a glass sheet or something...


Overall extremely impressed with this bit of kit - and coming from a 6 ton with cheap dhgate plates that I LOVED, this feels like a great upgrade for the money. Highly recommended.


Also worth mentioning that the puck was significantly dryer and less sticky than with my regular press, so I can see the extraction is more efficient. I don't believe this to be the pressure, and put it down to the significantly easier removal and recovery afforded by the gravity assisted driptech style pressing.


PTFE sheets did NOT like the high pressure though and I doubt there longevity even at lower temp/pressure. These are NOT dabpress items - just something I am playing with. I may go back to parchment as so little is left behind at the press it doesn't matter really anyway. 


For me this is a godsend. I hate the ballache of picking rosin off sheets!