How To Build Best DIY Rosin Press for the Money

I am sensior rosineer concerns for flavor and yield in rosin extraction. 5 five ago, I pressed rosin with iron or hair straightener, I already forgot how many hair straightener I broke. Till I start to setup my first 3x3" rosin heat press. I really got decent yield more than I did.  AlthoughI It can't detect accuate temp but It made my life powerful. I realize I must build my second one, So I did a lot of research before building a DIY Rosin Press. Finally, I decide to set up a hydraulic rosin press.


My request:

  • 3x5" Rosin Press Plates Made of Aluminum as personal or commercial use
  • Easy to Deliver 1,000 PSI, So I have to Pick Hydraulic Press to Paired with My Plates
  • Exact Temperature Detected Gurantee Not to Burn My Rosin to Keep Terpense Preservered

My Budget: Only 300 bucks

  • Refurbished Dabpress 3x5" Rosin Press Plates $209 ( Looks beautiful, just scratches on the side of plates)
  • Second Hands 10 Ton Hydraulic Press from eBay $80 ( Very durable, no issue)

I have recently began squishing again. Life has been busy but that rosin has to be made for medicine, so back to the rosin room I go and tried out 65% RH bovedas on some electric lemon g flowers that seem to be mids, nothing exceptional. Thankfully, to make a press, it's a quick 15-20 min preheat followed by a 5 minute pressing and collection. Even a busy life has time for pressing!


Pressed at 210F with about 2300 PSI for about 2 mins and yielded nearly 22%. I suppose I expected more so perhaps the material is to question. The extra 3% RH didn't seem to impact the consistency, it was the same as what I see using 62%'s. More testing on this will be needed with different cultivars, but so far I am not sure if having a lot of different bovedas are necessary, the 62's may just be the one to rule them all cool.


I have some 5wk old cured think different which I am still not pleased with the smell, it seems like it needs another couple of weeks. Once it smells right I will be pressing that and hope to get some less mature rosin to sample.


I love my 2nd rosin press!