Dabpress 10 Ton Drip Tech Rosin Press YouTube Review by US Rosineer

I did a lil squish for yall with 10g in 160u filter using 40mm pre-press mold, no parchment using drip tech on hr10t35v with the strongway pump. This was requested by @Abysmal Vapor


Click to play YouTube Video


I hope it helps, I will probably try this again but I think there is a benefit to the parchemtn perhaps in temperatures the rosin is making contact with, so I am starting to wonder about lowering the temps further as there is no "air" or paper insulation between the heated plate and the rosin clung inbetween the plates.


On the other hand the rosin does mostly leave the plates which is why I think parchment is probably still the best solution yield wise. @Hackerman's method of cutting the paper close to the plates is a good idea but if you cut too close you'll have some rosin lipstick around the edges of the plates. After squishing, separate the rosin into two different grades, driptech grade and parchment grade. I have noticed with my driptech presses the rosin really seems to have more of that nose burn which I've always attributed to terpene content, or at least specific terpenes. Had some coughs too so folks if you're sensitive, just understand it may not be a benefit for you using drip tech.

Here is an overview of the hr10t35v paired with the strongway pump. I hope it may answer some questions regarding this new product and provide you with some information about our other useful tools and why using the strongway pump makes the most sense.