Solventless Rosin Extraction Paperless In Test

Pressing Rosin No Parchment Paper in Test

I've done a test run with a filter but no parchment and I can say that it does indeed work, and the rosin that was left on the plates was not a horrible waste, but waste none the less. Now that I'm confident in the method I'll do a video to show it, and with more material.


Driptech is a great method, but it is going to benefit from some changes to traditional upright pressing techniques. The bottle tech method using the cylinder mold is a great pairing with driptech as the rosin doesn't have to try and travel around a massive rectangle puck. Placement of the puck is pretty crucial. Placing the puck close to the edge of the plates will move the rosin that much closer to leaving the plates, with gravity assiting in it's direction of flow. It still takes time for the rosin to reach the edge of the plates, and the more closed the plates are, the more rosin will collect at the mouth of the plates waiting to build up enough weight to drip to the collection plate below. My 3.5g run I just did had normal yields, about 90% of the rosin dripped to the mat below. Cleanup was not easy so waste is gonna happen here. Perhaps some hemp fiber to try and soak up leftover oil then vape in a vapcap or something similar? Silicon spatula squeegie was slightly effective. Wiped the plates down with kitchen disinfecting wipes afterwards and plates were like new.


I've also done 2 other squishes with 10g using both 2x4" rectangle and 40mm cylinder, but with parchment. The cylinder performed the best, both seemed to hang on to rosin on the folded paper towards the back of the plates so it may make a case for pressing without paper? Many more experiments to come.