3 Ton Driptech Starter Rosin Press Products Review By Rosineer from Colorado U.S.A

3 Ton Starter Rosin Press
3 Ton Starter Rosin Press
3 Ton Starter Rosin Press
3 Ton Starter Rosin Press

3 Ton Driptech Rosin Press for Starter


Good to know that parchment is good to go. I’ll have to get some. The press did arrive :)


1.5 gs of rosin from 4.5 grams :) 

Squished a sativa called lohigh. when i did 190 for 3 mins i got some nice golden budder, then i went up to 220 to do a 2nd squish and got more of a shatter. got me a 12 dollar g of rosin with those sqishes :). I like that strain for sure! Next up will prolly be some berkel.


Yes I'd like to take another crack at air tight storage, I like the RH you can see from the outside, that's slick but it does add a level of sealing which is not really necessary, most of the time you can open the jar and see the RH.


Driptech Rosin Press dp-hr10t35v


I did a lil squish today on some 7 week cured orange hill special 62% RH. 5g in 0.87g out, buds were not de-stemmed and was a combo of tops and larf. Quite happy with that yield, I know the colas are gonna be up there!


I just did a 30mm pre-press with 5g and used a 160u rosin filter tube cut to about 3", pressed the puck, close to the edge, tilted forward for drip tech and started to get a nice blob going and noticed that the rosin was buddering up right at the edge of the plates. The honeycomb eventually fell off but it was too late as it dammed up the flow! 200F on PID @ 3 mins 1700 PSI on strongway gauge (approx 1500 PSI on puck)