PSI Calculations Assuming the Cylinder Effective Area of Driptech Rosin Press dp-hr10t35v

Alright, here's my "somewhere in the ballpark" PSI calculations assuming the Cylinder Effective Area is somewhere in the 14.5 cm/2 neighborhood. I've looked at a few cylinders that are all just a bit taller than what's used with the dabpress hr10t35v. 


This is only my guess at this point, but I think it's worth putting out there as it should be useful until the true data comes in!



So 8900PSI is 625kg/cm2


Diameter of hydraulic cylinder: ??cm

Square/cm = 14.5?


So 8900 psi ( read on gauge ) = 14.5? x 625 = 9062kg = 9.98 Ton = 19960 pounds


So lets say that you wanna apply 1500 PSI to an 8 sq/in puck made using 2x4" pre-press mold, you need 12000 pounds of pressure.


5437 PSI on gauge = 14.5? x 375 = 5443kg = 6 tons = 12000 pounds


For a 1.75" cylinder shaped puck from using 30mm pre-press mold, 2.4 sq/in at 1500 PSI you need 3600 pounds of pressure.


1593 PSI on gauge = 14.5 x 112 = 1633kg = 1.8 tons = 3600 pounds


For a 2.5" cylinder shaped puck from using 40mm pre-press mold, 4.9 sq/in at 1500 PSI you need 7350 pounds of pressure.


3280 PSI on gauge = 14.5 x 230 = 3335kg = 3.67 tons = 7350 pounds


Useful links -


PSI to kg cm/2 chart -


I hope I didnt screw any of that math up, I'm a bit out of my element with this but think it's correct?


Basically you will want to figure out the sq/in of your puck size, which means generally you'll have a pre-press mold or filter to contain the puck. The 30mm mold will flatten out to approx 1.75" (2.4 sq/in) round puck, the 40mm will flatten out to about 2.5" (4.9 sq/in). Rectangle pucks are easier math, length x width = sq/in puck size.


Somone likes his rosin at 1500 PSI and it is definitely a sweet spot, can obviously press higher or lower pressure depending on your preference, but for the sake of giving PSI for buds without overpressing 1500 PSI is a nice spot.