Humidity of Flower

How to obtain high quality flower? So much of it all depends on the environment. Here in Colorado it's pretty normal to have a RH of about 20%. It gets hot as well, so those are all challenges to the process but I've found good luck with using darkness, humidifiers, and temperature control (as best I can) to allow things to go slowly and properly.


For someone in Florida though, nearly none of my post chop advice would likely be appropriate as mold is nearly no problem for me.


Now for me, I do like for there to be a variety of cannabanoids in the various stages of development available, at the pace that I consume my medicine it generally has a great cure by the time it's all said and done and I'm pretty well medicated and content all along the way.


I also try and keep my buds and press what I need for a week or two (at the very most), but I suppose depending on your preference, you could have everything where you want it potency wise on the resin, and process the whole lot over the course of a couple of weeks depending on how much time you have for pressing. Then store all of the rosin in a cold dark environment, and break it out as you need it. By not pressing everything at once I have the ability to get more cured product if I want it. So far I havent had much stuff over about 4-5 months that I've pressed and none of it seemed overripe and sedative. I am a sativa/hybrid mostly, I have some blackberry kush for the nightcap but that's the only indicas I really touch, maybe 0.3g per day, and I am vaping those as flowers for the extra stone.


So, for now my best advice would be, see how things go, press the buds along the way so long as they're not too wet (between 58-62% RH is great), try pressing the lower buds that aren't as mature, and then the more mature buds. It's a fun learning process. You may find you like the flavors and affects better when they reach a certain point in maturity. Seeing that you have your hands in the entire process, I'd also recommend to take some notes, may only need mental notes, but it'd be good to know if you're more into a sativa that's harvested more early instead of late.

1000ml Canna Storage Container
1000ml Canna Storage Container