How Does Pressure Affect the Color and Yields of Rosin?

I have some autoxtreme that's been in cure for about 3 or 4 months now, really smooth, just not super duper potent. The bigger pheno had way better buds. I broke the buds down into 0.25-0.75g chunks and pre-pressed them in the dp-pm3015r cylinder pre-press mold, using the 160u rosin filter sleeve dp-bt160n24 cut down to about 3" Stuffed each filter with 5g of buds and pressed them separately. Both pressings were done at the same temperature 200F, for the same amount of time 3m. My pressing room was is very cold right now, right about 35F when I powered on the dp-hr10t35 press.

10 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press Made by Dabpress

* The first press was done at 2500 PSI on the Strongway pump which calculates to 2833 PSI if my math is right (167kg/cm2 * 18.46 (cylinder) = 3083kg = 6800lb / 1.75" dia puck = 2.40 sq/in = 2833 PSI on the puck)

The rosin was a fair bit darker as you can see, 5g in 0.51g out, 10.2%

Please read the blog - PSI Calculations Assuming the Cylinder Effective Area of Driptech Rosin Press dp-hr10t35v

* The second press was done at 2000 PSI on the strongway gauge, which calculates to 2300 PSI on the puck.

The rosin color was a couple shades lighter at least, 5g in 0.52 out, 10.4%

Rosin Techique with 10 Ton hydraulic rosin press

The pressing on the left is the higher pressure of the two.